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A liquid vitamin supplement for livestock show animals.

Feeding Directions

dac® Show Contender Ripped can be fed to swine, goats, sheep, and cattle intended for showing. Feed dac® Show Contender Ripped at the following rates: Swine, goats, and sheep with a body weight less than 125 lbs: Feed 4.5 cc (ml) per head per day. Swine, goats, and sheep with a body weight of 125 – 275 lbs: Feed 9 cc (ml) per head per day. Cattle and show animals with a body weight over 275 lbs: Feed 4.5 cc (ml) per 100 lbs of body weight, Maximum dose is 20 cc (ml) per animal per day.   1 pump application provides approximately 1.5 cc (ml) of dac® Show Contender Ripped. Therefore, 4.5 cc (ml) would equal 3 pumps and 9 cc (ml) would equal 6 pumps. 

Guaranteed Analysis (per ml)

Crude Protein (min): 1% (10 mg) Lysine (min): 0.7% (7 mg) Crude Fat (min): 45% (450 mg) Crude Fiber (max): 0.1% (1 mg) Potassium (min): 110 mg/lb (0.23 mg) Vitamin A (min): 80000 IU/lb (169 mg) Ascorbic Acid (min): 1600 mg/lb (3.8 mg) Vitamin D (min): 8000mg/lb (16.9 mg) Vitamin E (min): 320 (0.7 mg)


Flax seed oil, rice oil, maltodextrin, glycerin, skim milk, dextrose, soybean oil, water, propylene glycol, vitamin A supplement, alpha – tocopherol, potassium amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, ascortbic acid, citric acid, sucrose, potassium sorbate (preservative), guar gum, and artificial flavors.

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16 oz Bottle, 4 – 16 Oz Bottles