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A supplement to aid feed intake for show lambs, goats, pigs, and cattle.

Feeding Directions

dac® Show Contender Clean Up can be fed to lambs, goats, pigs and cattle intended for showing, as an aid to stimulate feed intake. Feed dac® Show Contender Clean Up at the following rates: For best results, mix 1 packet (1 lb.) of dac® Show Contender Clean Up in 1/2 gallon (64 ounces) of water For lambs, goats, pigs and cattle add 16 ounces of mixed liquid per feeding as a top-dress to normal feed. Show animals can be fed this volume of mixed liquid two times per day. 1 packet will make enough mixed product for 4 feedings. This will last one animal 2 days at 2 feedings per day.

Guaranteed Analysis

(Per 16 Fluid Oz) Crude Protein (min): 1% (1, 135 mg) Lysine (min): 0.05% (227 mg) Crude Fat (min): 17% (19, 295 mg) Crude Fiber (max): 1% (1, 135 mg) Calcium (min): 0.01% (11.3 mg) Calcium (max): 0.4% (45 mg) Phosphorus (min): 0.1% (113 mg) Salt (min): 0.8% (900 mg) Salt (max):1.2% (1, 362 mg) Zinc (min): 6 ppm (0.6 mg)


Sugar, processed grain products, vegetable oil, animal protein products, salt, guar gum, potassium diglyceride, sodium diglyceride, soy lecithin, xantahn gum, artificial flavor and artificial coloring (FD&C Yellow 5&6).

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1 lb., 12 lb.

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