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Bright Accent Shampoo

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Bright Accent Shampoo

6 per Case

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Bright Accent Shampoo

Execute a show ring nish and accent cleaning with dac’s Bright+ Accent Shampoo. Its full body spa brightening action enhances brighter whites, shiny highlights and silvery, sparkling grays. Stub- born yellow, green and brown stains are uplifted by powerful stain ghting blend & lighteners. Brilliance bought in a bottle. 


Wetanimalthoroughly. ApplyBright+witha sponge and use a curry comb or ngers to work the shampoo in and dirt out. For stubborn stains, leave on for 5-10 min- utes. Rinsethoroughlywithfreshwater. Re- move excess water with a squeegee scraper, or towel. 


Enzymatic Action: Both formulas contain a blend of enzymes targeting protein, starch, and pectin based stains.

Subtilisin Protease – Breaks down grass, manure, and urine based stains. Grass contains 16-28% protein

Alpha-Amylase – Targets starches and carbohydrates. Cellulose and complex sugars are the largest component by mass of grass

Pectate lyase – Digests pectin. Large component of manure and soil or mud especially 

Naturally Based Surfactant Blend: Once the soil is broken down by the enzyme blend, the surfactant helps emulsify or suspend the soil molecules in solution.

  • Biodegradable, coconut based surfactants
  • Mild on skin and coat while being ef cient at soil removal 

Optical Brightener: The Accent Shampoo and RTU Spray both contain a powerful optical brightener.

  • Fluorescent dye that absorbs invisible UV light and converts the energy into visible blue light which makes whites brighter and colors more vibrant. 

Nutrition: Optimizing the nutrition content of the mane, tail, and coat brings out the natural vibrancy and brightness.

  • Glycerin – maintains moisture balance Humectant
  • Aloe Vera Extract – prevents sun fading and enhances hair nutrients Lignin absorbs UV light and acts as a broad spectrum sunblock. Beta Carotene acts as an antioxidant and encourages hair growth. Vitamin C is a shine enhancer and color retainer. 

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