dac® E Natural


a Natural Source of Vitamin E for all classes of horses.

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E Natural

A Natural Source of Vitamin E for all classes of horses. 


• Natural-Source of Vitamin E  
• Biologically Active Formula  
• Derived from Natural Plant Oils  
• Supports Nerve Function  
• Supports Muscle Function  
• Nutritional support for healthy immune function  
• Powerful Antioxidant  
• Powder Form  
• Supports Topline

Guaranteed Analysis

Per 5g Vitamin E (min) 183, 708 IU/lb (2025 IU)

Feeding Directions

dac® E NATURAL can be fed with either fortified or unfortified grains.

Feed dac® E NATURAL at the following rates:
Maintenance: 5g per horse per day
Poor Pasture/Stabled Horses: 5-10g per horse per day
Exercise/Deficiency: 10-15g per horse per day
Pregnancy/Lactation:10g per horse per day

Administration based on 1000 lb. body weight  

dac® E Natural Concentration

Scoop Number Vitamin E Amount
1 x 5 gram scoop .. 2025 IU
2 x 5 gram scoop .. 4050 IU
3 x 5 gram scoop .. 6075 IU
4 x 5 gram scoop .. 8100 IU

Natural Vitamin E Suggested Amounts

Horse Status .. Vitamin E Amount / Day
Poor Pasture/Stabled no clinical signs .. 2,000 IU
Thin Horse .. 2,000 IU
Heavy Exercise .. 4,000 – 5,000 IU
Deficiency .. 5,000 – 6,000 IU
Disease .. 5,000 – 6,000 IU
Pregnancy / Lactation .. 4,000 IU

Special Ingredients

Vitamin E is an essential and required nutrient, but is not produced by the horse’s body, therefore must be obtained through food. Natural Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and works closely with Selenium and Vitamin C to protect the body from the oxidative stress. Horse would naturally consume Vitamin E from fresh green pasture but due to current management pasture is not often available to horses. If Vitamin E levels are too low a horse may become lethargic, suffer from sore muscles and have decreased immune function.


D-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate, Amorphous Silica


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